Our repertoire includes sand, fine, gravity, pressure and centrifugal casting in cast iron (GJL, GJS, GJM), steel, aluminium, bronze, zinc and brass.

Die-cast aluminium


Material: EN AC-47000
Dimensions: 130mm×108mm×105mm
Weight: 1,24kg
Manufacturing process: Aluminium die casting,
CNC machining, glass bead blasting

Investment casting


Material: GX2CrNiMoN25-6-3
Dimensions: 210mm×97mm×65mm
Weight: 3,62kg
Manufacturing process: Investment casting, CNC machining, hot-dip galvanising

Sand casting

Strike plate holder

Material: EN-GJS-800-2
Dimensions: 543mm×180mm×110mm
Weight: 33,1kg
Manufacturing process: Sand casting, CNC machining

Gravity die casting

Base plate

Material: EN AC-71100
Dimensions: 574mm×121.3mm
Weight: 17,9kg
Manufacturing process: Gravity die casting, CNC machining