CNC - Jiangyin Company

Material focus: stainless steel, carbon & alloy steel (CNC machining)

After more than 10 years of close and reliable cooperation, we have been firmly cooperating with this company in Jiangyin since 2022. This makes AIT the exclusive partner for Europe and acts as a direct contact for all customer wishes, requirements and quality assurance on site until delivery to the customer.

Jiangyin stands for the production of all types of CNC turned and milled parts. The company processes a wide range of materials and designs and produces medium to large series. AIT accompanies projects from the pilot series to prototypes to series delivery - entirely according to customer requirements.

Around 300 employees ensure professional output on more than 15,000 square metres. The company produces various small as well as large parts of all kinds and was founded in 2010. AIT stands as a professional interface and your contact for smooth and successful projects with the reliable supplier.