Forging - Ruhan Company

Material focus: steel/stainless steel (forgings)

We have been working closely with our cooperation partner Ruhan from Jiangyin almost since their foundation in 2015. The company produces steel forgings at the highest level on an area of over 9000 square metres in Shanghai. All the equipment is of the highest technical standard. The electro-hydraulic forging hammers operate between five and eleven tonnes, the pneumatic forging hammers between 0.75 and three tonnes of impact force.

Ruhan's large lathes can machine parts up to ten metres long and 2.5 metres in diameter. Steel forged parts, such as exemplary drive shafts, guide bushes or centring rings, leave the Shanghai plant every day. AIT Shanghai is also responsible for the constant quality of Ruhan's production on site.

Ruhan has state-of-the-art testing and inspection equipment such as spectrometers from Sectrotest as well as ultrasonic, Magnaflux crack testing and Leeb hardness testing equipment. In addition, we use a carbon-sulphur analyser, a tensile strength testing machine, an alloy analyser and an impact strength testing machine. DIN ISO 9001 certification is mandatory and ensures globally recognised quality standards.