How we work

Initial interview

In a non-binding meeting to get to know each other, we find out whether we are the ideal partner for you. We will clarify the most important questions about the possible order, the typical project procedure and, if necessary, also address detailed technical questions.

Specification & Offer

If we can take care of your order comprehensively and you would like to work with us, it is time for the detailed order description. This includes information on the desired number of pieces and the optimal delivery date. In addition, we need a technical drawing with details of the material and any necessary post-treatments such as tempering, galvanising, passivating, painting through to powder coating. Based on your briefing, we will prepare a detailed offer and send it to you in writing without obligation.

Acceptance & project start

If AIT's offer meets your requirements, wishes and ideas, we will be pleased to receive your order. We will then start with the project planning, adapt your drawing to the Chinese GB standard if necessary and clarify all technical questions before the start of production in China.

Project coordination

During the project, we ensure that the schedule is adhered to, monitor the production progress and, as a professional intermediary, clarify all technical questions of the parties involved if necessary. After completion of the production, our Chinese branch in Shanghai takes over the differentiated inspection of the parts on our modern 3D measuring machines before shipment.

Delivery on schedule

After passing the on-site inspections, AIT Shanghai takes care of shipping the finished parts to the address you specify. In the course of this, we fully relieve you as the customer of all transport issues and customs formalities. Finally, you take delivery of the ordered finished parts on the agreed delivery date.

If we have inspired you, we look forward to the next order.

Kind regards from Würzburg
Yours, Andreas Qu, Managing Director AIT Germany