CNC parts

As part of our CNC machining, we produce CNC turned and milled parts as precision parts and special profiles based on the highest quality standards.

End shield

Material: S355J2+N
Dimensions: 698mm×56mm
Weight: 56,4kg
Manufacturing process: CNC turning, CNC drilling


Material: X5CrNiMo17-12-2
Dimensions: 13.1mm×41.5mm
Weight: 49g
Manufacturing process: CNC turning

Basic housing

Material: EN AW-6061
Dimensions: 84mmx57mmx76mm
Weight: 1,41Kg
Manufacturing process: CNC milling


Material: EN AC-42100
Dimensions: 380mm×297mm×54mm
Weight: 1,15kg
Manufacturing process: CNC milling, anodising